Bizarre animals

Beatrix Potter isn’t the only artist to draw animals as if they are people


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The Most Interesting Underpants in London!


“In Bowes Park a pair of underpants are gently decaying in public. They have a fascinating and genuinely moving story to tell; now how many pairs of old pants can you say that about?


The pants occupy pride of place in the window display of George Moore Menswear at 99, Myddleton Road, in Bowes Park. The shop is no longer open for business but the owner still lives above it.

The owner is Brian Moore, son of the founder George. George Moore established the firm in 1942 and despite the problems associated with starting a business during a war he made a great success of it. When Mr Moore senior died in 1969 his widow and son, Brian, continued to run the shop. When Mr Moore junior decided to retire, around 13 years ago, he simply stopped trading, he didn’t clear the window display but left it just as it was on the last day of business.

And so today we can enjoy this “museum piece” and all of its wonderful little exhibits.”

(This article was taken from Peter Berthoud’s website, to read more click HERE., to listen to an interview with Brian Moore, click HERE.)


Everyday Objects Turned into Extraordinary Things


Kristi Malakoff’s installations turn animals into something extraordinary. The impression that you get from seeing not just a single butterfly, but a swarm is impressive.



Are there any animals that you see everyday, such as pigeons, that by painting, drawing, sculpting, or photographing them and creating a collage, you could turn an “ordinary” animal into something extraordinary.

She also uses money and stamps to create miniature scenes. The lines in the currency make the small scaled scultpures appear as if they have been hand etched and placed through a printing press. Again, everyday objects such as money and stamps become extraordinary by being turned into something else.

Currency turned in to paper sculptures:


Stamps trurned in to paper sculptures:


The Girl With Seven Horses



“The Girl with Seven Horses” is a photographic series created by Ulrika Kestere. She invented a story about a girl whose freshly hung laundry blew away on a windy day.

The pieces of laundry became the 7 horses that she went to search for. These whimsical creatures are created from everyday pieces of clothing.

Notice how a sock becomes an hoof, a sweater becomes the mane. Think how you could create something unqiue from a few odds and ends, making the ordinary become extraordinary! Use your imagination.